Play android games on PC / Mac

With BlueStacks you can play android games on PC / Mac OS! This software is a Free Emulator to play Android games and apps on your PC or Mac (yes is true, you can play android games on Mac OS).

It’s like have the google play in your computer.

I will show you step by step how you can emulate android games or apps.

1. Download and install Bluestacks

First of all, you have to download the software:

Download Bluestacks for windows PC

Download Bluestacks for Mac OS

bluestacks install

2. Setting Up

Click on “My apps” and than click on “App search” as shown below.

bluestacks app seacrh


After this will show a window to complete two steps. Click “continue”.

Bluestacks will ask you to sign in with your google account. Fill with your google account login details.

bluestacks google account


Important: If your password contain capital letters you need to enter the password using the virtual keyboard located at the bottom.

3. Search the game or app that tou want and Install

After these steps you already can enjoy Bluestacks!

Search the game or app that you want to play on PC.


bluestacks search


When you click install, the software will search the Stores. After this, click on the game icon to download the game / app.

bluestacks game download


4- Run the android game / app on your PC / Mac

After download the game / app, go to “My apps” and your app will be now in this section.

runing android game on pc


Click on the app / game to play on your PC. You can use your mouse and/or keyboard.

Bluestacks game PC


You also can search for Top Charts!! Awesome Software!

BlueStacks Interface

Enjoy it!!

Plants list – Plants vs Zombies

Plants list of Plants vs Zombies

Level: 1 (during the day)
1 “PeaShooter”
2 “Sunflower”
3 “Cherry Bomb”
4 “Wall-Nut”
5 “Potato Mine”
6 “Snow Pea”
7 “Chomper”
8 “Repeater”
Level: 2 (At night)
9 “Puff-Shroom”
10 “Sun-Shroom”
11 “Fume-Shroom”
12 “Grave Buster”
13 “Hypno-Shroom”
14 “Scaredy-Shroom”
15 “Ice-Shroom”
16 “Doom-Shroom”
Level: 3 (pool)
17 “Lily Pad”
18 “Squash”
19 “Threepeater”
20 “Tangle Kelp”
21 “Jalapeno”
22 “Spike Weed”
23 “Torchwood”
24 “Tall-Nut”
Level: 4 (haze)
25 “Sea-Shroom”
26 “Plantern”
27 “Cactus”
28 “Blover”
29 “SplitPea”
30 “StarFruit”
31 “Pumpkin
32 “Magnet-Shroom”
Level: 5 (roof)
33 “Cabbage-Pult”
34 “Flower Pot”
35 “Kernel-Pult”
36 “Coffe Bean”
37 “Garlic”
38 “Umbrella Leaf”
39 “Marigold”
40 “Melon-Pult”
Evolution (buy)
41 “Gatling Pea”
42 “Twin Sunflower”
43 “Gloom-Shroom”
44 “Cattail”
45 “Spikerock”
46 “Gold Magnet”
47 “Winter Melon-Pult”
48 “Cob Cannon”
Special plants (buy)
49 “Imitater”

Plants vs Zombies Awards

Plants vs Zombies was  appointed for multiple awards

  • Nintendo DS Game of theYearGame Industry News, 2012PlantsVsZombies-Awards
  • 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011TIME Magazine
  • Best Family GameXbox LIVE Arcade Awards, 2011
  • Top 25 PC Games of the 2000sGameSpy, 2011
  • Editor’s Choice Gold AwardGame Informer, 2010
  • Editor’s Choice, 2009
  • Editor’s Choice, 2009
  • Editor’s Choice AwardPC Gamer, 2009
  • Maximum Kick Ass AwardMaximum PC, 2009
  • Best Strategy Game of the, 2009
  • Inductee, Game Hall of FameMacWorld, 2009
  • Casual Game of the YearChicago Sun-Times, 2009

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

You are addicted to the Plants vs Zombies 2? You end up with the phone’s battery? Your cell phone doesn’t support this game?

Plants Vs Zombies 2 - Online on PC

Plants Vs Zombies 2 – Online on PC

If you have one of these problems, you really want Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC!! But unfortunately you have to wait a bit more for the official PC version. But I have good news, I have 2 options for you:

1- Emulate Plants vs Zombies 2 for pc (see this article)

2- You can download the official and previous version of Plants vs Zombies 2 available for PC / Windows:

You can play it online

Or download the full game !

  • Ad-free fun
  • 50 levels & 5 game modes
  • Full-screen, HD graphics
  • Save your progress & high scores

Download Plants vs Zombies for PC

Screenshots of PC version

plants-vs-zombies-pc-2 plants-vs-zombies-pc-3 plants-vs-zombies-pc-4 plants-vs-zombies-pc-1